Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ice Storm and March

A long weekend (mostly spent waiting) and an incoming ice storm has left me with a bit of time. So surprise: I have March's calendar set complete. Here is the quickpage for the month name. I used an old collab for these pages. Should I upgrade this set?

Monday, February 05, 2018

Date part of February

I have ready the date part of the February calendar. I felt OK going with something more thematic like the hearts this time as it will only be 28 days on a February calendar. If I continue, you will get the 31 day calendar that starts on Thursday next month in March and the 30 day one in November.
I used the same collaborative kit that I used to create the month quick page. Should I continue and make this one a full sized kit?
Download and see yesterday's post if you missed the month page.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

February is upon us

January has rolled on by and February is upon us. I have started late again, but a bit earlier to get the calendar together. This month page was created using an old collab. I realized it had no flowers. What kind of kit has no flowers? If I work on this kit more, that will be the first element I add.
I have already started work on the dates and should post them within a few days. keep your eyes open.
Download this part.
So what do you think? Is landscape the best? Is anyone out there? I need to get a photo of the fridge where I posted last month's pages.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Landscape QP

And here is one more part of my perpetual calendar set: a landscape quickpage for the month of January (yours will have holes so you can put your own pictures). Download.
We have another snow day. I hope to be able to finish Winter Memories and get it into my stores.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Calendar: Landscape

Still putting my calendar together. I have decided to go with landscape for the rest of the year. This perpetual calendar will also be used in Oct of this year. I may make another because this one is very wintery. I used my Winter Memories kit, which I still need to add a bit to before I put it into the stores.
I have created a landscape quickpage which I will distribute sometime this week. Then I will create one more part and I am ready to print. I will be doing a scripture of the month to complete the set.
I looked in a few stores last week for a 4x6 file box to save these into and there were only 3x5, may have to search online.
Say hi so that I know that I am not doing this only for my benefit. I will try to have February's calendars out before the end of January.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Perpetual Calendar

I have put together the calendar part for January 2018. This calendar will also be used for October of 2018. I used the same kit as yesterday's month page - Winter Memories. Download the calendar. (words not on your copy)
I am thinking the landscape will work better. What do you think?
I have been accepted as a designer at Scrapbook Delights. I will start uploading some kits today. I am not sure of the Grand Opening dates.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Calendar, etc

I have decided to get back into designing and have applied to 2 stores, waiting to hear back from them. In the mean time - you may have guessed that I love calendars. I am putting together a little 4x6 dual frame perpetual calendar. I will be handing them out in the next few days a piece at a time. I have 2 magnetic holders ($1 a piece at Dollar General) that I will be using, any double frame or 2 singles together will display the calendar. I am flipping back and forth between portrait and landscape. What do you think? Download this one and comeback!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stacked Paper Freebie!

 I actually moved on in The Studio's contest. Yea! More of the this delightful kit has been made. I had a very busy weekend and the contest demanded non-solid papers for this one, I did make a few, but only the patterned and designed ones are in this paper pack. The contest rules ask for a stacked paper to give away. So your freebie is in The Studio's contest gallery. Please make a comment in the gallery on the stacked paper page (linked above) and the paper pack page. The comments will let me know that this kit is worth making. Then please vote for me and then you will get another freebie next week.